How effective of the combination of your main product and ancillary task?

The other tasks present an element of familiarity  and continuity shown through the house style and the logo which is a form of cross media convergence as there is the brand presented in a multiple media forms. which is also like synergy due to the fact that they are all providing a source of brand recognition. presented in both the magazine and the trailer. In the magazine the whole dark/ low-key element compliments and works along side the trailer this is due to the Rorschach effect usually used when the topic is to do with people with mental issues. This further works with the poster where the antagonists are surrounded by darkness and its main colour scheme red, black and white. The main reason for the psychological thriller is to add an artistic effect and also symbolize things that could relate to icons that is affiliated with the topic. This is mainly shown through the trailer where there are small elements that link to the other media forms, trailer and poster. This conforms to the conventions of how everything to do with the film correlates, however others may see the independent magazine may challenge the other forms due to the fact that she is represented in the darkness furthermore there appears to be a demon within the pic. However this can also be seen as the consumers representing Kevin looking at her and seeing her the way the antagonist does, as evil or innocent. So this could appeal to both types of audiences where they may perceive the protagonist as the victim.


In what ways does your media introduction use develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products.

My media product challenges the stereotype of young black adolescents being in major mainstream films, furthermore it challenges the genre due to the norm of mental cases or issues associated with those of a white background, this is evident in the amount of news and court cases associated with stalking and mental problems. however it does conform to the conventions of the trailer. having the establishing shot followed by the disequilibrium and so on. or furthermore conforming to the conventions of the thriller genre of the settings being in the woods ect.

Screen Grabs

  • In this trailer I really enjoyed the trailer how everything was composed well enough to still deliver thrills and tension. What really stuck out to me was the editing and how the pace fluctuated. Coming from using long takes to short takes in less then a blink of an eye keeping the audience on their toes. Even using long takes, chopping them and positioning them in a weird Eire sequence giving the impression of the protagonist being crazy or mad from “1:40-1:43”. I also really liked the use of transitions using fade outs when necessary amplified how immersed the audience would be. The house style presented through the inter-titles was cool and noticeable, something would definitely like to include in the teaser trailer. The use of close ups and rule of third used to create the awkward but interesting scene. The use of the establishing shot before any main clip of the characters was a good way to involve the audience maybe even give the audience hope as they knew where the girl is trapped. The scene that really struck me was when the girl turned back slowly “2:23-2:28” before the cut scene to the inter-title was great! Leaving it off with a cliff hanger making the audience anxious to know what happens next.
  • The many uses of the long takes and tension building adhered to the convention of the genre. For example the last cut the girl turning around slowly, a way for the audience to empathise with her feeling paranoia especially as she Is a female she is represented as damsel which is firstly following stereotype of women always being in trouble or being the damsel, and secondly the genre kind of being a build up and thrill.
  • The soundtrack also really added to both the tension and the overall perception of the trailer helping the audience fully immerse themselves in it. The non dietetic sound created a weird unwelcoming vibe although it was slow and not jumpy. In comparison the dietetic sound like the dialogue was upbeat and juxtaposes the whole this as it I upbeat and excited. Which I also loved as it created a sense of confusion and unease.